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We are very proud of our guides. They are motivated, spirited adventurers. Josh teaches art and coaches high school football. His team went 7-0 this fall. Becka is headed to massage school. Erich is spending three weeks floating the Grand Canyon. Jared’s going surfing in Nicaragua. Andy, Vanessa, Jonny, and Leah are in grad school. Brenden works as a cat-skiing guide. We’re not sure what Tony’s doing… Mike and Sonya took last summer off from SAC and did a three month 1200 mile sea kayaking expedition up the inside passage from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska. Mike is a professional photographer, and they created a blog of their travels. Check it out at

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Wow! What a summer! Sawtooth Adventure Company had its best season yet. More river trips, more offerings, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

The day stretch continues to be the most fun and highest quality one day raft trip near Sun Valley, and it continues to grow. Highlights included hosting the largest river trip in Idaho history. Seven busloads of FDCC lawyers and their families held one of the world’s largest water fights. Including guides, there were over 350 people.

Our wilderness river trips on Idaho’s Salmon River of No Return were really something special. I know, because I was lucky enough to go on every single one. Sawtooth Adventure did 6 Main Salmon trips. They included our annual training adventure, a high-water kosher trip, fun in the sun with the Texans, family fun, adventures with mother nature, and the bachelor party. I will write individual accounts of each trip as the fall progresses and post some pictures.

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Hooray! It’s summertime. Dust off your life jacket, and let’s go play! Here at Sawtooth Adventure Company we have a lot going on. We have a new website We are entering our second season of wilderness river trips. We are offering mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding, scenic flights, rock climbing, and of course our one-day rafting trips on the Salmon River near Sun Valley, ID. As always, we aim to please, and will do just about anything to insure that your adventure with us is incredible. Join us, and let’s go have the time of our lives!

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River Guides field a lot of questions. One of the more common ones is, “Do you run the river in the winter?” Well, probably not. Here is a picture of the Narrows Rapid on our day stretch outside of Stanley. Notice the nose of the Indian Head Rock jutting out into the river top right. Brrr. Let’s wait till summer.

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People often ask us what life is like along the Salmon River in winter. In Stanley we have already had two cold snaps where the temperature dipped below -30. The Sawtooth Mountains, which are the headwaters of the Salmon, have five to six feet of snow, and we are hoping for more. A good snowpack insures a great water year. So far so good! We’ll have winter pictures soon.

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Welcome. This is Sawtooth Adventure Company’s blog: the place where you can read updates about our trips, the Salmon River, and everything pertinent. You can also leave your comments.

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