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After reliving the past 5 years on the Salmon River & in the Sawtooths by sifting through hundreds of images of Idaho River Rafting, Sun Valley Rafting, Idaho Mountain Biking, Sun Valley Fly Fishing I finally have a finished product!


Let me introduce you to the new Sawtooth Adventure Company Website and Online Booking Tool


Take the leap…and join SAC for the Ultimate Family Adventure

Family Rafting on Idaho's Main Fork of the Salmon River


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I must admit….though I own/operate a wilderness adventure company, like everyone else I am always connected. My Iphone is never far away and I think the Ipad might be the coolest toy since full suspension mountain bikes. During the winter I find myself digesting digital media equal to the big business guy plugged into the stock market. Against my better judgments and with Christmas on the horizon, the desire for more digital screens, devices and apps only grows.

I pride myself on being an active and involved family man. I strive to rage against the machine, but admittedly family time can still deteriorate into our own screens. When I think about how much of our lives will be absorbed into our digital devices it makes me sad. In this busy world of productivity, volatile markets, tweets, status updates and breaking news it is only getting harder to pull ourselves away from the screen.

As parents in the midst of the daily grind it takes a conscious effort to log-off …..and connect with what matters. I cherish the chats on the chairlift with my daughter during a cold, snowy powder day. Or the uninterrupted, warm & sunny beach walks with my wife. I look forward to spending a spring weekend surrounded by redrocks and the desert stars. Though mostly, without question… I look forward to our annual family river trips. For my family it happens every year, sometimes twice, but it never loses its magic. Those five days where I watch fellow parents fully engage with their kids… their laughter… their anxiety’s… their successes and their failures. I watch the parent-child relationship evolve through the daily discovery of the unknown. Those that have experienced the Salmon River know exactly what I am talking about.

So in an effort to ditch the device I will keep exploring, seeking out moments to disconnect. In this crazy world of trends, soundbites, bipartisan politics and digi-devices… more than ever, we to truly and completely need an escape. So if in your journeys you find a better opportunity than the Salmon River and The Frank Church Wilderness to reconnect with the fam, let me know…

Happy Holidays,


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The leaves are changing, there is snow in the forecast and rumors of La Nina returning with a vengeance. Before we completely forget about the warm Idaho sun, crystal clear waters of the Salmon River and the silence of the Frank Church Wilderness… We want to thank you.

2011 Annual Kids Trip

The SAC crew would like to thank all of the new friends we made during the 2011 rafting season. All in all… It was the most successful summer, ever!


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As the 2011 Rafting season winds down on the Upper Salmon we are treated to an amazing once-a-year experience. We get to share the Upper Salmon for 5 days with the threatened Idaho Wild Salmon!

Idaho’s wild Salmon are unlike any other in the world! They migrate from their birthplace in the Upper Salmon 900 miles to the ocean. Spend 2 to 3 years gorging on the pacific’s ocean nutrients before traveling 900 miles up stream, over 6500 ft to their original birthplace. These amazing fish travel higher and longer than any other species in the world to spawn within meters of where they were born.

Between August 29th thru September 2nd Sawtooth Adventure Company offers Salmon education & awareness trips down the Upper Salmon. During this final week of the rafting season we accommodate these amazing fish by portaging around critical spawning areas. SAC guests will whitness these enormous fish spawing in thier natural habitat. Guests will be educated about the pressures, politics and economics affecting these amazing fish & the free-flowing rivers that support them.

Daily half day trips available. Give us a call or book online and spend a day on the Salmon with these amazing & threatened river monsters!


Click Here to Book Online

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Its Official… The 2011 Annual Kids trip has set the standard!

A great mixture of families consisting of 14 kids & 12 adults from Maryland, California, Tennessee, Washington and Utah joined the SAC crew for a 5 day unforgettable family adventure on Idaho’s Salmon River of No Return.

Every summer Sawtooth Adventure Company designates its July 29th Main Salmon Trip to families with kids. All SAC Main Salmon trips are family friendly, but this trip is different. During the Annual Kids Trip our young adventurers are the focus of our attention. We bring a variety of beach games, sand toys, lots of kayaks, Stand Up Paddle boards and more to make sure every moment is full of fun. We adjust the menu, schedule, and activities guaranteeing our little adventurous a trip of a lifetime.

On day 1 some of the parents were apprehensive about camping for 4 nights in the largest wilderness in the US. Following the first night of comfortable camping, appetizers, great food and cold beverages they coined the phrase “Glam-ping” and all apprehensions floated down stream.

After 5 days with tons of giggles, lots of laughter, fun rapids, great wildlife, new friends, and amazing food… It was unanimous, the SAC kids trip was a screaming success.

The popularity of SAC’s ultimate family adventure has caught like wildfire. Families are already making reservations for the 2012 trip and space is limited. Book now to reserve your families adventure of a lifetime

Call 1-866-774-4644

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SAC is wrapping up the 2011 Family Raft & Kayak season on September 2nd.
To celebrate another great summer on the Salmon we are offering 20% off our popular 1/2 Day Raft Trip with Lunch when you book ONLINE!

Use Promo Code: endofsummer

Discount available for online reservations only

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One of the most common questions we receive from inquiring guests is…

“Why Sawtooth Adventure Company?”

Obviously we think SAC is the best in the business, but then again… We own the operation. There is a fine line between tooting our own horn and explaining why Sawtooth Adventure Company is the best decision for your Family Rafting Adventure. In the end when choosing a commercial outfitter the devil is in the details.

  • #1 in Idaho – The fact that TripAdvisor ranked Sawtooth Adventure Company as the #1 tour in Idaho under Top-Rated things to do in Idaho speaks loudly.
  • Experience – On our Sun Valley Rafting Trips in Stanley- SAC has been in business for 11 summers, longer than the competitiion. While they claim 25+ years, the reality is their name is 25 years old, but all the owners/managers are new in the last 7 years.
  • We are what we do – Family Rafting Trips- raising a young rafter (10 years old) we completely understand what is necessary to make it a fun, safe and enjoyable experience for your kids as well as parents.
  • Safety – Our number #1 concern. SAC has safely hosted 20,000 kids and adults down Idaho’s Salmon River. All SAC guides have experience in wilderness travel, wilderness emergency medicine and swiftwater rescue. SAC guides live to run the Class IV High Adventure Trips and when the water is running high and the rapids are pumping…..nothing replaces experience.
  • Guides – SAC guides are professionals. They consist of college grads, school teachers, master students and collegiate athletes. They are required to participate in an annual, week-long wilderness river training trip as well as a 3-day training for our Sun Valley Rafting Trips.
  • Quality Equipment – When running wilderness river trips quality equipment is paramount. SAC replaces its equipment on a regular basis. This ensures all the gear required to keep you safe and having fun is in top-notch shape.
  • Reputation – SAC has a reputation of a professionally ran, top quality service. This reputation began years ago when SAC owners graduated with a degree in Commercial Recreation Management. Today this reputation continues through our great guides, safe trips, huge number of return clientele and unmatched customer service.

Whether its your first experience on a wild river, or your 50th, give Sawtooth Adventure a try and we guarantee you’ll be back for more.

An amazing adventure awaits…

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Experience the Sawtooth Adventure Company……Sun Valley Idaho tradition.

Since 2001 SAC has created high end family rafting trips to parallel the Sun Valley tradition. Sun Valley guests can expect top quality equipment, vehicles, food and most importantly professional guides

SAC has the annual opportunity to host a number of family reunions, corporate retreats and traveling families visiting the magical Sun Valley Resort.

An amazing adventure awaits… Call 1-866-774-4644

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Book last minute with Sawtooth Adventure Company on our Class IV High Adventure Trip and receive 2 for 1 thru June 19th. Book your trip within 48 hours to receive discount. Availability limited.

Call 1.866.774.4644

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Mother Nature threw us a curve ball last month with a big blow-out of Black Canyon Creek creating a new rapid on our Main Salmon Trips. The SAC crew is excited to run the rapid and witness how mother nature chooses to carve this new river feature with the spring run-off.

Idaho’s wilderness is a wild and amazing place that continually evolves and changes with the seasons. Join our Main Salmon Rafting Trips to experience first-hand this amazing canyon!

Mother Nature threw us a curve ball last month with a blow-out at Black Canyon Creek creating a new rapid on our Main Salmon Trips. Now she gets to sculpt it with the spring run-off.

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