Happy New Year from Sawtooth Adventure Co.

I feel like the holidays just ran me over like a Mack Truck. It appears the vacation is over… time to shake the holiday hangover and get back to work.

I keep hearing change is upon us in the New Year. Whether it is a campaign slogan or our world pressing the ‘reset button’ it seems to be happening. Fine with me… I plan to embrace it and see where it takes me. Since change is hip , I am jumping on the train and making some big changes at Sawtooth Adventure Co. for the 2009 summer. Why not?

Here is a little change I think you can handle… We have drastically reduced the price of our wilderness river trips for the 2009 summer. A trip that cost $1300 in 2008 will now only cost $900 in 2009. Crazy? Maybe, but things are kinda crazy right now. I hope this makes our trips on the Salmon river more realistic for families, because in the end it’s all about the family.

Take a minute and check out our Family Rafting Trips in Idaho for your daily dose of ‘change’.


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