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Family Rafting Trips in Sun Valley, Idaho

This time of year I answer hundreds of phone calls asking about our family rafting trips on the Salmon River north of Sun Valley, Idaho. In an effort to best serve our clients I have included a list of frequently asked questions.

1. Q: Do you have trips that are safe for kids?
A: I am a parent of an 8 year old daughter and fully understand and appreciate this question. Both our Scenic Float and Half Day Rafting Trips are great for kids. Our class III whitewater trip is a great introduction to river rafting for kids 4 years and older. For the moms out there… We take special precautions when boating with young children, give us a call for further explanation.

2. Q: How long have you been in business?
A: This is our 9th season on the Salmon River, the longest tenure amongst our competitors. Since 2001 we have hosted more than 20,000 guests and run the most Class IV trips on the Salmon. Our Salmon River guides are professional, mature (ages 24-33), intelligent(all college grads)characters that return year after year. We take your safety very seriously. Yes, on occasion guests might fall in the river, but your trained guides will have you back in the boat in no time.

3. Q: Do you offer group discounts and will you match your competitions price?
A: Yes, we offer a group discount for groups of 6+ and will always match our competitor’s price for a similar service. That being said, I will only match their price if I can afford to offer a very safe, fun and high quality trip.
Give us a call, or start your adventure at

Hope to see you on the river!

Salmon River Guides kick off the Idaho White Water Rafting Season

While we are loving Stanley, Idaho’s cool, wet spring conditions. SAC guides have been taking advantage of Utah’s warm desert canyons. Cataract Canyon is a great way to kick it off the rafting season. Some of the largest rapids on the entire Colorado River are found deep within Cataract. Now add 30,000 cfs (cubic feet per second) of water and you have some stomping whitewater.

Photos: Beach-front accommodations at the Rio Colorado, SAC guides Jenna and Johnny keep’n it real, Thomas, Matt & Greg.

This week the SAC Crew will head north to join me on Sawtooth Adventure Company’s Annual Training Trip. We will run Idaho’s Salmon River of No Return at what could be very high flows. During this 6-day training course SAC guides will receive a refresher on River Rescue, Wilderness First Aid, Emergency Protocol, Area History, and all of the SAC systems. The entire week is a team building experience and an invaluable tool towards employing hard working, happy, fun, smart and safe guides for the 2009 rafting season

The season kicks off this week. Stay tuned for regular updates, announcements, and a glimpse of what its like to live, work & play in Stanley, Idaho and on Idaho’s Main Salmon River

Unlike the economy, the snow pack and weather conditions could not be better. It is going to be a great summer for rafting on the Salmon River