Sawtooth Valley Steelhead Update. Stanley, Idaho

March 18, 2024 Steelhead update

We are slowly starting to see fish in the Sawtooth Valley.  Currently the Salmon river is running clear, warm weather will likely affect water clarity.  Anglers should be prepared for winter-like conditions with low overnight temps.  Anglers should also be prepared to navigate snow to access the river.   Stanley Steelhead run consist of section 19, above the East Fork.

Steelhead Hatchery Returns– This includes the Pahsimeroi and Sawtooth Traps.

Upper Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report-  A weekly report including water and wether conditions, fish-per-hour estimates and more


Whitewater Rafting Trips in Stanley and Sun Valley, Idaho

Facts:  The closest Whitewater rafting to Sun Valley, Idaho is on the Upper Salmon River in Stanley, Idaho.

Sawtooth Adventure Company, based in Stanley, ID offers Whitewater rafting trips 7 days a week through Labor Day weekend on the Salmon River.   Choose between June’s Class IV high adventure trips, to very popular July & August fully catered family rafting trips.

During July and August  guests will experience family-friendly rapids, crystal clear water and warm sunny days.

Call Janice to talk about trip options and to book an amazing Idaho Family Adventure.

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Stanley, Idaho

Stanley, Idaho

Home to Sawtooth Adventure Company.   Located in the Sawtooth Valley in central Idaho and sits at 6,250 ft elevation.  Stanley, Idaho is surrounded by the Sawtooth Mountains, The Frank Church Wilderness and White Cloud Mountains. Idaho’s famous Salmon River of No Return flows past Stanley from its origin 30 miles up stream, on its 900 mile journey to the Pacific Ocean.

Stanley, Idaho summer weather

Stanley, Idaho has a reputation as the “coldest place in the lower 48”. While winters can be brutally cold, it gets its reputation for its cold summer mornings. It is not uncommon for Stanley to dip into the lower 30’s and upper 20’s at any point during the summer months.  The fluctuation of temperature between 6am and 11AM can easily swings 60 degrees.  This is due to the majority of land surrounding Stanley is above 9000 ft.  The cold air pours into the valley in the mornings and a temperature inversion sets hold until the sun warms the valley floor . Stanley sits at the bottom of the Sawtooth Valley where all that cold air pools. 


Seasonal, Full- Time, Commercial Driver Position in Stanley, Idaho

Sawtooth Adventure Company & Rocky Mountain River Tours Commercial Driver 


This position combines two different driving jobs to create a fast paced, full-time, fun and adventurous seasonal position with very competitive wages.  You can expect to work 6/7 days a week plus gratuity. 

Rocky Mountain River Tours Big Rig Driver

Drive the Rocky Rig Truck, an International Commercial Truck, 6 Speed, Diesel with 22’ enclosed trailer through the wilds of Idaho.  Work with Middle Fork and Main Salmon Guides at rig and derig.

Sawtooth Adventure Company Day Trip Driver

Days between RMRT trips you will Safely Drive a school bus full of guest with a raft trailer to support our day trip operation in Stanley. Work with a team of river guides managing guests and gear. Fun and fast paced.  Take pictures of our rafting guests at rapids

Seasonal Full Time May 24-Sept 10.  Competitive Wages. Housing Options available.

Job Requirements

Hustle. This is an active position including lifting gear and directing guests in a fast pace, often busy, stressful environment at the river put-ins and take out.

Team player.  You are an essential part of the guide teams

Service Oriented

Clean Driving Record

Commercial Drivers License. We will train and license you

You will be interacting with the public at river access points


Exclusive Sun Valley Raft Trip


Lunch Camp Facelift

This season our beloved lunch trip is getting a facelift! Throughout the years, this trip has been a customer favorite thanks to its fun, family-friendly, splashy float down the Salmon River. This fun-filled adventure ends with a delicious lunch at our secluded lunch camp.

However, this year, our whitewater lunch trip is being renovated to create a more exclusive experience! Ultimately, this gives our guests a taste of what it is like to experience the relaxing pace of “river time”. This is commonly something that you would experience on a multi-day trip with Rocky Mountain River Tours, our multi-day sister company.

What to expect…

During this day float, you will raft through two Class III rapids (Piece of Cake and The Narrows). These rapids are known to provide family-friendly fun with lots of splashy waves to cool you down on hot summer days. These have always been a staple of our trips, however, with our new lunch trip schedule, we will be adding an optional hike to the agenda before entering The Narrows. This hike features a slight incline, with a stunning view of the Robinson Bar Ranch. This remote 128-acre ranch was where the first gold in Idaho was found and is beautiful to view from the saddle above.

After completing Piece of Cake, the Robinson Bar Hike, and The Narrows, our guests will arrive at our recently improved lunch camp. Here they may sit in comfortable Adirondack chairs, play cornhole, and eat delicious food. To wrap everything up, we will now be serving dutch oven cakes for dessert at lunch camp! Delicious chocolate cake and our famous carrot cake will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths.

The next time you stop in Stanley, make sure to swing by Sawtooth Adventure Company to book your exclusive lunch trip down the Salmon River. This is bound to be the highlight of your Sun Valley vacation, and we can’t wait to show you a piece of “River Time”! More information and booking availability can be found here.

*This trip has limited availability and can be booked out quickly. Make sure to give us a call at (866)774-4644 to book your adventure today.