SAC Guides

SAC guides are the best in the business, they are engineers, actors, students, small business owners, high school teachers, ski patrollers, biologists, ski bums and freelance photographers.

“As the the owners of SAC, we would love to take all of the credit for our phenomenal growth, increased market share and our world class trips.  The truth is … we owe it all to our guides. We may offer the best trip in the world, but if your guide is inadequate, all is lost.”  -Roni & Jared Hopkinson

As parents we understand, and take very seriously the influence our guides have on your family.  Every SAC guide is  fun, unique and a true professional.  They bring a great energy, experience and knowledge to work everyday.  They love their job and it shows.   Each of them have the ability to pump confidence into a scared child, lead a boat through wild rapids and cook a riverside meal that will amaze you.   We think  they are the creme de la creme…and are sure you will agree.

The 2017 Summer is on the horizon.  Stay tuned for our 2017 Guide bios!