March 31, 2020 Earthquake in Stanley, Idaho

Good morning SAC family, 

Lots of texts, calls and emails asking about Stanley and the massive 6.5 earthquake.  In classic style, the earthquake epicenter was  in the “Shake Creek” drainage.  I know it is April fools Day….

I received a text at 6:05 pm yesterday from Tanner, our winter property manager “just had an earthquake in Stanley, going to check on the warehouse in a bit”  In classic river guide style his next text at 6:07-“Maybe some new rapids this year!

Tanner walked around SAC’s Ace of Diamonds shop, the Rocky Mountain River Tours property and the SAC employee compound.

From Tanner”All is well at the Rocky empire. Saw maybe 2 or 3 things that fell on the floor and if I’m honest they might have just been on the floor to begin with”

Tanner and I are thoroughly baffled. At first glance, zero damage.

I did a little research.  I learned the earthquake occurred on a un-mapped vertical fault. Combined with Tanner’s report ” yeah, A little baffled.  But it was pretty smooth, slow shaking back and forth like a foot. Maybe just the wrong frequency to damage stuff?” That is kinda crazy considering SAC’s attorney, who works in a tall  building in SLC,  states his blinds vibrated for 30 seconds. 

We spoke to Jerry’s country Store, our neighbors in Lower Stanley and everyone was safe, and not much obvious damage at of 7 pm.

Downright crazy times we are experiencing.  Mother Nature seems to be trying to shake something off.  Stay tuned for more info and some pictures!





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