SAC History: 11 years of Family Rafting in Stanley & Sun Valley Idaho

2001Sawtooth Adventure Company opens its doors. Roni and Jared’s Commercial Recreation Degree pays off! Maya, our first child is born June 9th, just to add a little spice to our first season. I almost forgot, the Salmon river had its lowest water year in 50 years. We end the season with 5 employees.

2002 – With a year of parenting and baptism-by-fire small business ownership under our belts we open for the season with optimistic goals, but with a post 911 shadow. To our astonishment we experience an amazing growth over our 1st season. It seemed like every customer that went with us in year one returned in year two. Thanks!

2003 – Get ready because her it comes! Big water ahead. Largest snow pack in 5 years mixed with 90 degree June weather. This is the year we decide the small red boats are simply more fun. Sawtooth Adventure experiences 127% growth over 02′ and adds Float Fishing Trips to the mix. Oh’ I almost forgot, we never thought that running a business and managing a 2-year old could ever be so hard.

2004 – We hit our stride. Healthy business growth and a building clientele have us looking at expansion. Average water year, great group of guides.

2005 – A lot happened in 2005. We buy the Stanley Property, build the oh-so-needed boat house and begin to remodel the cabin all in the month of May, thanks for good friends. Jared and Erich Hamm create a partnership and began actively looking for a Multi-day Main Salmon Permit. We purchase Echo’s Main Salmon Operation in December, and Sawtooth Adventure Main Salmon is born.

2006 – Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. With the Stanley operation in somewhat cruise-control we are able to focus on expanding. .Combine the cabin remodel, debut of the Idaho Adventure Center and the Main Salmon and our 6th season is over in a flash. We add a Main Salmon warehouse in town, and the crew grows to 14 employees. Maya turns 5 years old and floats the whitewater section for her first time, she already thinks she’s a pro.

2007 – The 07′ season will be remembered as the year of the fire(s). Wildfire’s made things interesting, but overall 07 was a great year. We had the best crew in SAC history, hosted the largest Group Trip in the history-of the upper Salmon with 358 guests, and grew the new Main Salmon operation by %100+. Maya runs the class III’s more times than a 6 year old can count and is ready to try the Inflatable kayak.

2008– A huge snowpack and cool spring has given us the best rafting conditions we have seen in a decade. With Roni back in action and all of our guides returning for another summer, 2008 is sure to be the best year yet. We hope to see you in Stanley for a great day on the Salmon River.

2009 – Better than average snowpack and a 100% employee return offsets the doom & gloom of the national economy. Our 1st Annual Kids trip on the Main Salmon is a huge success & topples Disneyland as Maya’s favorite vacation. Thanks to a huge number of familiar faces (return clients) on our 1-day rafting trips and 2009 exceeds expectations.

2010 – Wow 10 Years! Thats right…..this season marks 1 decade of family raft trips on Idaho’s famous Salmon River of No Return. We start the season out with a bang on a snowy, highwater, 175 mile guide training trip on the Middle Fork & Main Salmon. Our 2nd Annual Kids Trip on the Main sells out, and more families join us on our Salmon River multi-day trip than ever before. The economy seems to have bounced and we host more Sun Valley Corporate rafting groups than the past 2 years combined! Blessed with an amazing guide crew and beautiful fall weather we have the best fall fishing, rafting and biking season on record. Maya continues to cherish her summers in Stanley and rafts the Class III day trips more times than dad can keep track. She learns to Inflatable Kayak and masters the scenic float & soak section. Her love for wild rivers and wilderness is undeniable.

Spring 2011 – aptly nicknamed “two thousand and heaven” due to the abundant snow pack. All indicators look like another great summer in Stanley and on the Salmon River. Maya turns 10 years old this summer, the perfect age for all of our raft, kayak, bike and fishing adventures. Combine the amazing snow pack, rebounding economy, growing interest in the Main Salmon trips, and a great guide crew returning and 2011 looks prime. SAC expands to Latin America offering an amazing Nicaragua Vacation Rental on the Pacific. We continue to explore this amazing comer of the world and make plans to offer a combination of cultural and active adventures in 2012.

2011- San Jan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Hope to see you this summer in Idaho!
Jared, Roni & Maya

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