Five Exciting Activities to do While in Stanley, Idaho

When people think of Idaho, they primarily think of potato fields at the base of the mountains. However, there is much more to see and do while visiting Idaho. Located in Central Idaho, Stanley is a magnificent place to cool off during the summer. Our small town is nestled at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains which provide endless possibilities for adventure! 


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Five Activities to do While Visiting Stanley, Idaho


Sawtooth Adventure Company Lunch Trip – 

SAC provides the ultimate family fun experience with their Idaho Rafting Lunch Trip down the Class II and III rapids on the day stretch of the Salmon River just outside of Stanley, Idaho. You and your white water rafting group can choose your own adventure and decide whether to take a guided raft, inflatable kayak tour, or an oar boat out for your trip.

Day Float Fishing Trip – 

The Stanley Fly Shop is a wonderful place to gather information about river conditions. Even better, they provide the option for a full-day fly fishing experience down the Canyon Section of the Salmon River. This engaging trip allows you to float down the river with your guide who will provide an intimate experience while teaching you about the area and giving you tips about casting, flies, and ultimately, catching fish. 

Sunbeam Hot Springs – 

Found nestled between Highway 75 and the Salmon River, Sunbeam Hot Springs is the place to stop after a fun day on the river. Here, you can find multiple pools and tubs with various temperatures which ensure that you will find just the right water for your taste year-round. Historically, the hot springs were used as a place to bathe, seeing that a bathhouse was added to the attraction in 1937. Although the baths have since been removed, the house structure remains as a tribute to the history of the area.

Explore Stanley on an E-bike – 

Newly added to the Sawtooth Adventure Company’s activity list, you can now rent an electric bike to see the Stanley Park, Stanley Baking Company & Cafe, SticksnCones, Peaks and Perks, Riverwear, Papa Brunee’s, along with various trails and gorgeous landscapes. 

Visit Redfish Lake and Lodge – 

With the original Redfish Lodge being built in 1929 by Rober Limbert, there is plenty of history and beauty to see while visiting. The lodge offers activities such as biking, boating, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, mountain climbing, hiking, and so much more. Although there is an ample amount of activities to do while visiting, there is also the opportunity to sit and relax as you enjoy the clear, blue water of Redfish Lake.


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