New family-friendly pricing on Idaho's Salmon River

I am torn. As the owner of Sawtooth Adventure Co I strive to offer the absolute highest quality, full service river trip available to meet the expectations of our Sun Valley Clientele. As a father, I see our Salmon River Adventure as the ultimate family vacation, one which should be available for every kid on the planet.

Over the past decade Sawtooth Adventure Company has offered a top-shelf, full service river experience. Our wilderness trips have gained a reputation where guests can expect exquisite cuisine, high end equipment, charming guides and all while not lifting a finger. Our guides take care of every detail and camp task ensuring you a truly relaxing escape from everyday life. This high level of service has gained us a stellar reputation amongst the Sun Valley visitor and a solid client base. Unfortunately this exceptional level of service comes with a hefty price tag, a limiting factor for families. There lies my struggle.

I believe the Salmon River was made for families! It offers such a unique experience where parents receive uninterrupted time with their kids in a safe, fun, and life changing environment. Unlike Disneyland, on our wilderness rafting trips you are the characters, and the magic comes from natural hot springs, family fun rapids, and the vast Idaho wilderness. Idaho’s Salmon River is an awesome and unique adventure that every family needs to experience.

To solve my struggle I have decided to offer two distinctly different trips, each for a different price. Throughout the 2009 Summer Sawtooth Adventure Co. will offer both our classic Wilderness River Trips and our All Inclusive Rafting Vacation.

The All Inclusive Rafting Vacations will include Air Charter from Boise International Airport, vehicle transfers, 2 nights at riverside lodges, food, beverages, guides, and gear… everything. Guests can expect to experience an absolutely top-notch vacation where the guides not only entertain, but also do everything from offer you a hot evening shower, to preparing a delicious Dutch Oven Prime Rib. On our All Inclusive trips we bring extra help, the ‘Guest Guru’, designated to lead you through this adventure, introducing the unknown and everything that makes the Salmon River so magical. Guests can expect guides to take care of every detail and camp duty, allowing you to experience the most relaxing and luxurious trip available on the Salmon River of No Return.

In contrast, Our Wilderness River Trips offers the magic of a multi-day trip down Idaho’s Salmon River, but at drastically reduced price. Same trip, without the fluff. Instead of Prime Rib, guests will be treated to tasty Dutch oven pasta and Mexican dishes. You won’t find any lodges on this trip, just the starry sky and sound of the river as it rushes by. Guests can expect the same great guides and quality equipment, but are asked help put with camp duties. The extra help will free up your guides to introduce you to the amazing hikes, epic beach games, unmatched history and magic found within the River Canyon.

I hope through offering a more reasonably priced trip I can attract more families to experience this amazing adventure vacation.

Give me a call to explore the possibilities. I would love to answer your questions and talk about our trips.

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