The End of an Era

Congratulations and Farewell 

Johnny, Jenna, and Jane Rafting Down the River

After EIGHTEEN years of working for Sawtooth Adventure Company, it is finally time to introduce and say goodbye to Johnny Landward. Johnny is a treasured aspect of this operation, doing everything from guiding to booking to managing all of our river guides and their trips. Over the years he has seen just about every trick in the book from our river guides and guests, making a lasting impression on everyone he interacts with. 

Over the Years – 

During Johnny’s early years at Sawtooth Adventure Co., he was a paddle guide on the day stretch. Before this, he guided in Jackson but heard of work in Stanley. From here, he chatted with his brother who knows the owner (Jared), and set up a date to meet. After chatting over a beer, he decided that he was able to make the move to Idaho to work on the Upper Salmon. 

Throughout his first years at SAC, Johnny was an outstanding paddle guide. He always wanted to make sure that guests would have the best experience possible. In fact, Johnny would even prepare the lunches for our 10 AM trips almost every day just to make sure that nothing was missing and all the guests would be fed well and happy. Down the line, all of this enthusiasm and care for guest experience pushed him up into the world of multi-day guiding on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon. However, all of this enthusiasm also won him the job of doing new guide orientations and ultimately becoming the full-time manager of Sawtooth Adventure Co. 

For many, it is the job of guiding that draws people in, but it is the people they meet that keeps them around. This is exactly what happened with Johnny. Although he and his wife met while teaching skiing in Park City, UT, they both ended up guiding for SAC and Rocky Mountain River tours (our sister company). Jenna worked on the Salmon River for ten years – eight of which were working for SAC. Not to mention, she was the lead guide for the Main Salmon when the current owner, Jared Hopkinson, bought the company Rocky Mountain River Tours. 

The Highlights

When asking Johnny what his favorite memory from his Summers in Stanley is, he responded with no hesitation that it is raising his daughter Jane alongside his wife Jenna. These summers consisted of living in the room above the Stanley Fly Shop, along with spending an ample amount of time camping around the Sawtooths and Redfish Lake. However, the most memorable part has been watching Jane grow up to love Thursday Street Dances and swimming in the Alpine Lakes. 

Although watching his family grow has been his favorite memory, his best-loved part of his job is the problem-solving that occurs every day. Johnny says that “every day is a puzzle”. This could not be a more accurate description of what it is like to manage SAC, especially this year, with almost 20 guides needing to be worked into the equation. However, this is a double-edged sword due to the time commitment that this puzzle requires. 

For the Future

Now that Johnny is finally relinquishing his position at Sawtooth Adventure, he looks forward to spending more time with Jenna and Jane. In true Johnny spirit, he is aiming to become a school Social Worker where he can help children in families in Salt Lake City. Although, after eighteen years of dedicating his summers to guests and the river, he is excited to have time during those warm months to explore different places with his family. 

Thank you Johnny for all that you have done over the years! You and your family’s enthusiasm will be missed in Stanley, but we wish you the best in your next endeavor! 

With much love, 

The SAC Pac

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